Atlanta based artist Guy Robinson's works have
been exhibited in numerous galleries and have a
place in important collections including the
Museum Of Contemporary Art, Georgia
(MOCA,GA).  Guy attended the Atlanta College
Of Art on a Ford Foundation grant and has
worked extensively in painting, sculpture,
printmaking, and drawing. He has over thirty  
years experience teaching drawing for Emory
University's continuing education program. Guy
spent a number of years as a recorder specialist
with early music consorts, also building and
performing on renaissance lutes and other
historical instruments. He was a guest artist with
the baroque consort "Apollo's Musicke"; writing,
directing, costuming, and performing. As a
martial artist and teacher, Guy has experience
with Yang, Sun, and Kwan Ping styles of T'ai-chi;
Ba Gua, Hsing I, Liu He Ba Fa, as well as
traditional  Chinese weapons. He also designs
and builds swords and has written articles for
martial arts magazines. As an amateur
paleontologist he has worked with Dr. David
Schwimmer of Columbus College in the
discovery of three new species of middle
Cambrian trilobites. He spent several years
designing and handcrafting a lake cabin. Guy
believes that each of these, and other, wide-
ranging skills feeds and informs the other.
I have always thought of painting as a kind of personal
theater. It is sometimes an uncomfortable entertainment. I
want to make images that sing hymns and love songs, but
also stick out a tongue and tap dance on the table.             
    I enjoy playing on traditional subjects (still life,
landscape, the figure, mythology, religious images) and
the expectations that have grown up around them - as
around how we see reality in general. The nature of life is
that appearances are changeable and deceptive. So,
paradox is always the subject.                                              
  To say almost anything about art can sound a little
pretentious. In truth, for me, theories come after the work
is done -  not before.  I am not illustrating any theory. I do
not want the viewer to feel there are correct answers, (no
pop quizzes will be given).                                                     
  I have never paid too much attention to developing a
'style'. Style is something which happens when you let
yourself be yourself while you work. We all choose our
best tools.                                                                             
   Every few years somebody pronounces painting a dead
art form - or it is only seen as an expensive form of
decoration.  It may well be that painting has, more and
more, become a curiosity about which few are curious. But
there will always be art and poetry.  It is the way we
express the otherwise inexpressible - the alchemical
process of seeking out who we are.  

Someone asked me if I was an optimist or a pessimist. I said, "No, I'm a surrealist. I expect bizarre things to happen."
Copyright 2013 Guy Robinson - all rights reserved
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Guy Robinson
Selected solo exhibitions
Selected Collections
Twenty 21 Collections / Gallery Rodin, Atlanta, Ga.
Albany Museum Of Art, Albany, Ga.
Art Society of the International Monetary Fund,
Washington, D.C.
CNN Center Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.
Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Ga..
Albany Museum Of Art, Albany, Ga.
Museum Of Contemporary Art, Ga. (MOCA,GA)
Kemper Collection, Long Grove, Illinois
Hans Frabel, Atlanta, Ga.   
Georgia Tech Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.
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*Paintings are signed G. Robinson
Letter From The Bird Shaman #7             
                36" x 46"  '07
Twenty21 Collections / Gallery Rodin  exhibition : Guy Robinson  "Letters From The Mind's Journey" "         
                         "The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin (posthumous original) in foreground  
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Bird Shaman's Picnic #19        36" x 46"       '10
Alas, Poor Yorick!    32" x 36"   '12
Represented in Atlanta by         
   Mason Murer Fine Arts           
          404- 879 1500
Represented nationally by         
       Duncan's Preview         
Quoting Albrecht (Self Portrait)
          28" x 22"   '14